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next generation

For a new project called Next Generation, I am looking for pregnant ladies. With this project I want to bring similarities of people to the attention, but also the perspective of what people might become. The next mayor, president, brave police officer or well-known guru might be part of this piece.

For this project I will need the ultrasound of your unborn child. This will be framed individually together with all gathered ultrasounds.

When the piece is complete it will measure up to 3 by 5 meters (depending on the gathered amount of ultrasounds and space available).

Are you pregnant and would you like your child to be a piece of the puzzle? Or do you know someone who wants to participate? Please contact me.

The project will be shown in libraries, town halls etc. The eventual piece is not for sale, but you will receive a copy on paper to be framed yourself (size will depend on the original piece).













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