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beautiful scars

Some time ago I encountered a young boy with a big scar on his arm. It stretched from his elbow to his hand. It looked like a beautiful landscape... like the ridges of a mountainrange formed over thousands of years. I briefly spoke to him, telling him how beautifully the scar was healed.

Looking back, I regret not talking to him longer. To find out more... About his story. He might have hated the scar, making him different to the rest... I don't know how he got the scar, I don't know when he got it...

But it made me think. What if I could make a project out of it. Making it an open call to anyone with, maybe in their eyes ugly scars. To showcase these, in my eyes beautiful landscapes... Forged by nature.

So... Are you a person with well healed scars or do you know someone? And are you prepared to show it to the world? Please contact me. If you are interested but you have doubts whether your scar or scars are healed properly, please contact me anyway.

... And I... I think I'm going to try to find this young man. He worked in a little bar in a small town somewhere up north... People might know him if I ask around...

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