Newborn is a paintograph based on your unborn child. The ultrasound is where I get my inspiration out of. Based on what I get out of it I start working.

A paintograph is partly painting and partly photo-collage. The process starts with a collection of photographs, which can be really anything. Sometimes just used to get the right colour or feel, and sometimes used to complete the scene. By using parts of the photographs, and pilling them up translucently layer by layer a dreamy and surreal image appears. The ultrasound itself is also incorporated in the piece.

Around the date of birth the paintograph is finished. 









newborn on linen

Euro 1275,-

Sizes can be up to 110x110cm


newborn on paper

Euro 1275,-

Sizes can be up to 100x100cm


book with the story

Euro 510,-


open call



used techniques newborn

... on linen
When the piece is finished it is transferred onto a linen background. Before the transfer the linen is worked manually with structure, paint, inks etc. After the transfer, the piece is inspected to see what else it needs. When completed it is mounted onto the frame.

... on paper
The piece is printed on paper and framed with a passe-partout (ca. 12cm).

... book with the story
When I make the piece words come to mind. These words eventually form the story. This story is then molded into a book design. Each book as unique as the story is.






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