may 25th, 2020


The little girl - part II

My own daughter was the same age at that time, so I had enough material to draw from. I guess the story was based on her. Her adventures of every day life, the exploring of this new world she was born into, multiplied with my imagination, hopes, dreams and wishful thinking of a better and nicer world.

I was happy there. It was as if I had stranded into that strange new world. Living the adventures Anne was. Letting go of shame and judgement but also of pain and grief. Life was so simple there. I found the real world harsh and full of resentment. So I had my excuse... to be excused... and wandered off frequently.  

My mother gave me a book when I was small. It is called De Kleine Johannes. As I started writing about Anne, my daughter and of the little girl in my paintings, this memory surfaced. It was as if it happened yesterday. Its the only time I remember my mother giving me a book. In fact, I think it is the only book she ever gave me. I still see her, towering high above me, stretching out her hand and giving me the book.

The book was magic, a treasure... I loved reading it. Taken away into... Suddenly it became clear. De Kleine Johannes was just such a tale. A fairy tail... about a little boy who wandered off, making strange, weird, but utter friendly new friends in the back of his own garden. And also in this tale the perspective was completely off...

The little girl


 april 25th, 2020


The little girl - part I

I look more intensely at my work at the moment. Pure out of necessity though... I am doing some preliminary work before I can get writing for Victorians Untold. Because of this more intense look I start noticing things. Things I took for granted before. Things which were simply there...

I noticed the little girl in my work. Now and then she appears... Usually with her back turned to the audience. It got me thinking... Why does she appear...? And why is her back turned...? Her age varies. Sometimes she is small, I guess about 6 or 7. And sometimes she is older. A young adolescent of 14, 15, maybe 16.   

My mind started wandering ... To a moment in time when I started writing a book for children... About a little girl called Anne. Although Anne was a normal child, she got caught in an adventure... she entered a whole new world... Where she made new friends... Who were very friendly...  but weird.  They showed her their world, which was exactly the same as hers... Except for one thing.... The perspective... it was completely off.... 


A Prophecy


  april 3rd, 2020


My why... 

... I followed a training some weeks ago. A training aimed to develop the business side of artistry. I knew that when I enrolled it would make a huge impact on my (artistic) life. An impact I could not yet comprehend, but something I yearned for with all my heart. There is nothing else I would rather do than continue with the  search, exploration, development and making of art. Not just any kind of art... but my art!

So..  I enrolled... It was just something I couldn't say no to.

During the training we were asked about our 'why'. Why do you make what you make? What makes you tic? Looking back... these are just the right questions for me. I am always curious about other passionate people. Curious what makes them tic... Why do they do what they do?? Where did they start. Are they confident about it?? It is remarkable I never asked myself those questions... I consider myself a passionate person... It is pure heart what you see here ... Not always to sure about it, but always pure heart...

But I digress... Our why. Why this work? How did it come to this work? Why do I have to talk about it. Why do I have to get into it. Why... why.. why...???  Well... spoiler alert! I don't know... yet...! Getting there though, step by step.. I already got a lot of answers, why it looks like it does for example... where it started... why it started... why I have to talk about it... And why I have to continue talking about it...

Very useful by the way. Somewhere last year I had decided to make Victorians Untold. A book explaining the why of each piece in the series. Because of this development I can get even further into the series.

And the reason of the why? Why do I have to search for the why of my work in order to make a living out of it...? Well, according to the trainer, knowing the core of your why makes you a passionate storyteller about it. And by telling about it passionately and from the heart, it becomes something else... It becomes your story instead of a painting!            


The Arrival


 december 2019 




I am still indecisive about starting a blog... so nothing to say (yet?)....








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